Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum Brightener


This formula is designed to brighten aluminum & aluminum alloys. It is a balanced compound that penetrated & dissolves oxidized surface film bringing on the natural luster of the metal. Excellent for continuous maintenance of aluminum & alloys. Highway trailers & mobile home, stainless steel trailers & aluminum-building panels, maintaining attractive clean appearance. Removes black soot.

Weight N/A
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Brightening Instructions

1.) If possible have trailer in shade.
2.) Wet entire surface with clear water. If trailer is hot, use longer wetting procedure to cool surface.
3.) Apply brightener with washing brush, low-pressure spray. If high pressure is used keep nozzle 18 inches from
surface so brightener is laid on lightly to accomplish wetting with a minimum of brightening solution.
4. ) Always start wetting with brightener from bottom, wetting only as much surface as can be conveniently
worked at one time. Usually 10 – 15 liner feet. (DO NOT ALLOW BRIGHTENER TO DRY ON SURFACE.)
5.) Keep the surface uniformly wetted with brightener for 3 – 15 minutes.
6. ) Rinse each section from bottom to top with plenty of clear water before going to next section to be brightened. A pressure washer rinse here greatly speeds up the procedure.
7. ) When entire trailer has been brightened, flush off top of trailer with clear water to prevent residual brightener on top from dripping and streaking surface

Dilution (Water Only)

Heavily Soiled: 1 to 5 –10 water
Normally soiled: 1 to 40 – 50 water

Stainless Steel:
Heavily soiled, 1 – 5 water
Lightly soiled, 1 – 10 wate

To Prevent Streaking

1.) Always work in shade on cool surface when possible.
2. ) Wet from bottom to top with brightener.
3.) Do not allow brightener to dry on surface.
4.) Rinse from bottom to top with plenty of water, being careful to dilute and rinse away brightener from grooves around top of trailer before going to next panel to be brightened.
5.) On final rinse, flush top of trailer well and bet down sides. Insufficient rinsing will cause trailer to reoxidize.
6 ) Allow trailer to dry in shade.


Keep out of reach of children!