A.C.E. Blue Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaner

A.C.E. Blue Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaner


Discover the power of A.C.E. Blue Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaner, designed for tough cleaning tasks like wax stripping and engine degreasing. This eco-friendly cleaner is perfect for use on building exteriors, ceramics, and machinery, effectively removing grease, oil, and soap scum. Ideal for both home and industrial settings, it ensures thorough cleanliness and is great for steam cleaning and pressure washing, leaving surfaces sparkling.

Introducing A.C.E. Blue Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaner, the ultimate solution designed to tackle tough cleaning tasks with ease. This versatile cleaner is perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Wax Stripping: Effectively removes old wax layers to restore shine. Additionally, it is ideal for cleaning the exteriors of buildings, ensuring a spotless finish.
  • Exterior Cleaning: Moreover, it is safe and efficient for deep cleaning ceramic and porcelain surfaces.
  • Machinery and Metal Parts: It keeps machinery and metal parts free from grease, oil, and grime. Similarly, it thoroughly cleans engine motors and farm equipment for optimal performance.
  • Concrete Floors: Furthermore, it eliminates stubborn stains and residues on concrete floors.
  • Flooring Solutions: It is also suitable for asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, and rubber floors.
  • Grease and Oil Removal: Perfectly designed for heavy deposits of grease, oil, soot, carbon, dyes, and ink.
  • Soap Scum and Film Removal: Additionally, it effectively clears soap scum and film from various surfaces.
  • General Degreasing: Likewise, it is versatile enough for general degreasing of any water-resistant product.
  • Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing: Not only does it enhance the effectiveness of steam cleaners and pressure washers, but it also achieves bright, clean white wall tires effortlessly.

Rely on A.C.E. Blue Biodegradable Alkaline Cleaner for superior results and a shining finish in a variety of cleaning challenges, making it your reliable partner for maintaining cleanliness.

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Keep out of reach of children!

This is an alkaline cleaner. Harmful if swallowed. If contents get into eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a