A.C.E. Hot Purple

A.C.E. Hot Purple


Highly concentrated, heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser, recommended for removing the heaviest build-ups of soil, grease, oils from a wide range of surfaces in industrial plants, institutions, businesses and homes. This cleaner/degreaser is non-flammable and biodegradable. There are no fumes or distinctive odor to limit its area of applications

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Keep out of reach of children!
Contains Caustic Soda. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with fresh water. Continue washing for
several minutes. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly. If swallowed, give plenty of water and diluted vinegar, lemon or orange juice, and follow with milk, white of egg with water or olive oil. Call physician. Do
not induce vomiting.


Dilute cleaner according to the degree of soiling on the surface to be cleaned. Do not use full strength. As with all cleaner, hot water will aid the cleaning action. Allow the cleaner to work on the surface as long as possible before
rinsing. Do not let the cleaner dry on the surface. Light Duty: 4oz. Per Gallon. Medium Duty: 8oz. Per Gallon. Heavy Duty: 16oz Per Gallon.