A.C.E. Blue Assault

A.C.E. Blue Assault


This is an alkaline cleaner, recommended for the following applications. Wax stripping, exterior of buildings, ceramic and porcelain. Machinery and metal parts, engine motors and farm equipment, concrete floors, asphalt tile and linoleum floors. Vinyl and rubber floors. Heavy deposits of grease oil, soot, carbon dyes, and ink. Removal of soap scum and film deposits form floor conveyers, shower stalls and swimming pools. General degreasing of any product not affected by water. Steam cleaning, and pressure washing white wall tire cleaning.

Vehicle/Truck Washing, Dry Erase Boards, Wax Stripping, Exterior of Buildings – Ceramic & Porcelain, Machinery & Metal Parts, Engine Motors & Farm Equipment, Asphalt, Tile, & Linoleum, Vinyl, & Rubber Floors, Heavy Deposits of Grease, Oil, Soot, Carbon, Dyes, & Ink, Removal of Soap Scum & Film, Deposits from Floor Conveyers, Shower Stalls & Swimming Pools, General Degreasing of Any Product, Not Affected by Water Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing, White Wall Tire Cleaning.

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Keep out of reach of children!

This is an alkaline cleaner. Harmful if swallowed. If contents get into eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a