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Oil Gator® - Premium Oil Absorbent and Bioremediation Product

OIL GATOR is produced from recycled, chemically modified cellulosic fibers. It contains all the necessary ingredients (nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous) to enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons by indigenous bacteria.

OIL GATOR meets all OSHA requirements and is biodegradable. It is not WHMIS regulated. When activated by the addition of moisture, the indigenous bacteria are furnished with ideal growth conditions, within which they proliferate and rapidly utilize the available hydrocarbon as a food source.

OIL GATOR’s powerful wicking action acts a physical emulsifier by actually extracting hydrocarbons from less absorptive material. OIL GATOR encapsulates the fine droplets making the hydrocarbon available to the bacteria as a food source. It is nonabrasive and will not harm machinery.

OIL GATOR absorbs and encapsulates hydrocarbons from the surface of land and water. When applied correctly, it will completely absorb toxins preventing them from leaching into the soils or into underground aquifers.

OIL GATOR can be incinerated and will contribute 7,000 BTU's per pound with less than 3% ash. It may be placed into landfills, or non-hazardous oil field waste land farm. The nature of the hydrocarbon absorbed determines the appropriate disposal method.


  • Comes in a 30 pound bag (13.5 Kg bag) for ease of handling and storage or in 1,500 lbs Sacs (675 Kg Sacs) for larger spills.
  • Lightweight- lowering transportation costs.
  • Encapsulates oil or oil-based products where permitted by law
  • Ground cleaning by bioremediation
  • Stops leaching of contaminants into the soil or groundwater
  • Non-carcinogenic & non-abrasive
  • Made of all natural cellulosic fibers
  • Incinerable
  • *where permitted by law

Here are some photos of Oil Gator at work!

Cell U Sorb

Cell-U-Sorb® is a 100% cellulose absorbent that is biodegradable and manufactured from recycled materials. Cell-U-Sorb® is harmless to plants, animals and aquatic life. It will absorb oil from water by selectively absorbing hydrocarbon-based products and continue floating for easy removal. Cell-U-Sorb® will absorb trace water to give a cleaner surface (less sheen).

Cell-U-Sorb® assists in reducing waste generated by spills. It will absorb up to 20 times its own weight in oil or oil-based products. One 20-pound bag (9Kg) absorbs 13 to 25 gallons of oil depending on quality and type.

Cell-U-Sorb® can be incinerated for ease of disposal and it will contribute 7,000 BTU’s per pound during incineration with very little ash. The use of Cell-U-Sorb® will realize direct and indirect cost savings in the handling of hazardous waste materials due in part to its high absorption rate and lightweight. Its powerful wicking action helps prevent the spread of hazardous materials.

Cell-U-Sorb® is the most effective absorbent to use when you have a spill on water.


  • Packaged in easy-to-ship and easy-to-carry 20-pound (9Kg) bags.
  • High absorbency means less product is required to clean up a spill.
  • Less material is hauled to landfill* or incinerator.
  • Reduced hauling costs.
  • Contributes 7,000 BTU with less than 5% ash during incineration
  • Reduced ash disposal costs.
  • Can be mixed with Oil Gator® for bioremediation.


Floor Gator

FLOOR GATOR is a premium oil absorbent designed for the industrial and automotive market. Floor Gator is manufactured from renewable agricultural products. It is an all purpose absorbent that uses capillary absorbent technology. Floor Gator is engineered for safe, fast and economical liquid spill pick up.

The strong wicking action of Floor Gator absorbs up to six (6) times its own weight in liquid and totally encapsulates the spill so that the floor is left clean and dry.

FLOOR GATOR is much lighter than calcined clay and diatomaceous earth products. Transportation costs for large spills are reduced as well as waste generation. The use of Floor Gator reduces generated waste by up to 50% assisting companies to meet the EPA 1996 mandate.

FLOOR GATOR saves money against the low cost (kitty litter) products. One bag of Floor Gator replaces from 8 to 20 bags of standard clay-based products.

FLOOR GATOR can save on waste disposal. It will contribute 7,000 BTU’s per pound during incineration, with less than 5% ash. Floor Gator may be placed in a landfill*. The nature of the hydrocarbon encapsulated in Floor Gator is the decisive factor in determining the disposal method.

FLOOR GATOR absorbs liquids and hydrocarbons spilled in the work place with little or no waste if used with a Porta-Gator spill control system.


  • Encapsulates – Non leaching
  • Absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil-based products.
  • Aids in meeting EPA 1996 mandate to reduce waste by 50%.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents by residue left over by other sorbents.
  • Contributes 7,000 BTU with less than 5 % ash during incineration.


Gator Wash

GATOR WASH is for general cleaning of equipment and work areas. Gator Wash is a unique blend of natural surface active agents that promote the wetting, solubilisation and emulsification of various types of organic chemicals. The naturally occurring microbes are dormant until hydrated in the Gator Wash solution. Once hydrated, the microbes enhance Gator Wash to transform harmful compounds into non-toxic by-products.


GATOR WASH H.D. is a unique blend of natural surface active agents that promote the wetting, solubilisation and emulsification of various types of organic chemicals.  The naturally occurring microbes are dormant until hydrated in the Gator Wash H.D. solution.  Once hydrated, the microbes enhance Gator Wash H.D. to transform harmful compounds into non-toxic by-products.  Gator Wash HD is generally used in any cleaning application that the run off will end up in an oil/water separator.


Acid Gator

Acid Gator® is not a neutralization agent but rather an absorbent that allows a safer way of handling casual and emergency acid spills. Previous to Acid Gator® there was no real way to absorb acids and render them easier to dispose of while affording maximum worker safety. Calcined clays and Polypropylene are essentially acid resistant but only perform as a poor absorbent, and are still considered hot to handle thus putting workers in danger in the clean-up and removal phases. Peat moss and normal cellulosic absorbents such as corn cob will actually be digested with strong acids and thus accentuate a handling problem.

Acid Gator is an absorbent that is specifically designed to clean up most acid spills quickly and efficiently. A combination of neutralization and absorption allows users safe handling and disposal of strong acids, including acids up to 50% concentration.

Acid Gator is composed of 15% Soda Ash by weight, in combination with a cellulose base absorbent. This formulation partially neutralizes concentrated acids without splattering.

More Soda Ash or dilutors can be added safely to achieve the desired pH for proper disposal. However, one should add Acid Gator until all acid is absorbed and encapsulated before additional treatments are added.

Acid Gator absorbs 10 to 12 times its own weight in liquids. Its efficient absorption rate means less post-mess material that requires disposal. If Government regulations about the spilled acid permit, materials soaked with Acid Gator can be incinerated to generate 7,000 BTUs, with less than 5% ash.

Acid Gator satisfies OSHA requirements for safe neutralization and absorption of acid spills, begins neutralization of most acids, causes no violent reactions with acids, eliminating the clean-up hazard caused by the threat of splattering. It is sold in 25-pound bags for easy handling and storage, and has a 100% cellulose-based, environmentally friendly formulation that is lightweight, cutting transportation costs!

Gator Booms and Socks

Gator® absorbent booms and socks are the most absorbent natural products available on the market today. Most products of this type on the market are polypropylene. Gator® booms and socks contain cellulose as the absorbent medium.

Use around leaking equipment. Gator Booms will contain hydrocarbon spills on water or land. Gator Socks for glycol spills.

Use to contain spills around pumps or for emergency containment during transport delivery.

Use Booms or Socks to contain spills on roadways or waterways.

Use Booms and Socks for fuel, oil and glycol spills to prevent contaminants from reaching drains and waterways.


Surround leaking equipment with Booms or Socks. Gator Socks will immediately absorb any liquid. Gator Booms will selectively absorb hydrocarbons. Always dispose of contaminated Booms and Socks in accordance with Local, State and Federal guidelines.

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