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Used Equipment

ExCell Washer

Sell Price  $1250.00

ExCell Washer Model Number 1505SBA-G S/N 191-2639

Pump: General T9121 Direct Drive  Motor: 5hp 230v 1 phase  Operating Pressure: 1500 psi, GPM 4.8

 Trigger Gun with 50ft hose, All standard equipment. 

General Comments:  Unit is approximately 16 years old and in excellent condition.  It has been kept inside and serviced by qualified technician throughout it's service life.  We have replaced the pump motor with used 5 hp unit and rebuilt the general pump with new packing.  The burner head has been replaced with new head and the burner system serviced.  Unit is complete with 50ft. 3000 psi. hose and trigger gun.

 Warranty of 30 days.

ExCell Washer

Sell Price  $2250.00

ExCell Washer Model 2004SBA-Cat.  S/N 1296-1582

New 5 hp. 220v Heavy Duty Pump Motor

Rebuilt Cat 31 pump, with 2 new industrial belts

New Vac-On switch

 50ft. Hose with trigger gun.

Warranty of 30 days.


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