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Drums & Containers

Let us know if we can quote you prices on the items below:  

Poly Drums and Pails  

2 drums.JPG (34351 bytes)1drum steel rim.JPG (178186 bytes)5gallon pails2.JPG (133911 bytes)5gallon pails2.JPG (133911 bytes)
Tight Head Closed DrumsPoly Open Top Drums5 Gallon Plastic UN Pails

Steel Open Top 55 Gallon Drums

All items can be used for rainwater collection, waste oil storage, biodiesel mixing, pet food storage, etc.

I have FDA new food grade drums to store potable water storage during emergencies.


Tote Tanks

Tote Tank.JPG (174107 bytes)

Tote Tanks
275/330 Gallon


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