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Technical Bulletin

(High Alkaline Truck Wash)

GC-100 Truck wash is a concentrated, high alkaline, truck wash product designed to clean over-the-road tractors, trailer and other types of commercial vehicles.  This product will remove carbon and stack stains and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing.  Designed for heavy duty cleaning such as drive through truck washers.  This product will work in cold as well as hot water and rinses free at any temperature.  


Appearance--------------------------------------------------------------Dark Brown
Odor-----------------------------------------------------------------Slight ammonia
Respiratory Protection-------None required if concentration is below TLV/PEL.  Otherwise use NIOSH approved CCROV or better respirator.

pH of 10% Solution------------------------------------------------------------12.0 - 13.2
pH as is -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------13.2
Specific Gravity-----------------------------------------------------------------1.02 - 1.09
Solubility in water----------------------------------------------------------------Complete
Personal protection---------------------Chemical resistant gloves, splash goggles


For use in hot pressure washer, apply to surface at a rate of 1 part cleaner to 100 parts water.  Always apply cleaning solutions from the bottom up on a dry surface, and rinse from the top down.  DO NOT USE ON POLISHED OR ANODIZED ALUMINUM.  DO NOT USE ON ANY ALUMINUM OR PAINTED SURFACES AT CONCENTRATIONS OF LESS THAN 1:40.  DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY ON SURFACE.  ALWAYS RINSE THOROUGHLY.


GC-100 should be stored at temperatures below 120 degrees F.  Do not allow freezing.  Wear proper gloves, boots, eye and face protection when handling.  Precautionary labeling: CORROSIVE.

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